The Wallet Project

1. Empathize

Moritz Rehm has his wallet with him all the time!

Most of the time he uses the wallet when shopping, getting food or when going to a party. He forgets it very often. Shopping is the most common event he uses the wallet for.

He uses the wallet to store up to seven cards, cash money up to 50-70€ and a lot of coins which are annoying.

The wallet is stored inside the trouser pockets or his jacket. Inside of the trouser pockets it often gets stuck and is hard to get out.

The requirements a new wallet has to meet are a slim and compact design, a good balance between design and function and materials like leather or carbon fiber.

He is very used to his wallet and would like to keep that habitual usage. This includes a liftable card tray with the two most used cards and a seperate pocket for money and receipts.

The problems that occur with his current wallet are the thickness, annoying coins that tend to fall out from time to time.

2. Define

Top findings:

Needs: 6-7 cards, money, coins, direct access to the two most used cards, slim design, habitual usage

Risks: too thick, coins fall out or are annoying, losing the wallet

Point of view:

I need the two most important cards right at hand because I use them the most. I need a slim wallet so I can get it out of my trousers easily

3. Ideate

4. Prototype

5. Test

The main feedback was that the coin pocket was not thought out well enough. Coins could fall out easily. In addition to that the orientation of the wallet doesn't work with the habitual usage of the current wallet.

6. Prototype Iteration

Considering the feedback I changed the orientation of the wallet which resulted in a better storage solution for the coins as well.

The prototype was crafted from paper, the coin pocket is meant to be closed with a magnet:

The card tray is liftable to reveal even more cards:

The back pocket is seperated for money and receipts:

It has a very slim footprint when closed, this is due to the paper but it could be reproduced with a slim and lightweight material like carbon fiber: